Compassionate support at end of life and the journey of grief

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The Most Passionate & Spirited Coach

Lee Atherton, known by many as “CoachRev” has a mission to change the lives of 10,000 (and those who help them) navigate life’s final chapter and the journey of grief with grace and resillience.

Her passions are to help people 

  • “live their dying” by discovering the beauty in the process and the gifts to be found;
  • to journey with people through the whitewaters of grief, navigating the chaos, until they reach the tranquil pool of stillness; and 
  • recognizing the demands of anyone in the helping or caring professions, Lee also offers programs in resiliency.

The mission of CoachRev @the CrossRoads is to

  • Help people begin the conversations about death and dying. Using each person’s unique beliefs and understandings, morals, and values, we begin to find answers to sometimes difficult choices. No matter your age, stage in life, or beliefs, it is never too soon to begin to talk about your wishes.
  • Journey with people at end-of-life, helping them be at peace with life’s final chapter.
  • Help others navigate the chaos and white waters of loss and grief through individual and group coaching, courses specifically designed for the unique needs of grieving individuals, and resources addressing the many challenges of the journey.
  • Assure you that no matter what your loss is, the death of a loved one, your best friend crossing the “Rainbow Bridge” for pets, your marriage, your home, and much more – your grief is real and worthy of support.

What truly sets “CoachRev” apart is the value we place on customizing our offerings to suit our clients unique needs, concerns, and wishes. We have a genuine in our desire to know and serve you to the highest possible standard. 

Whether you are religious, secular, interfaith, or simply unaffiliated, you are welcome here! CoachRev @the CrossRoads is LGBTQ Friendly.


At a time when I was without a church and my Mom was in hospice care because she was close to passing, Rev. Lee was a gift of loving kindness and support that knew no bounds.

She sat with my Mom and me, getting to know each of us, holding our hands, giving us hugs. One day, she brought in a hymn that captured the essence of my mother’s love for gardening and creation. In the Bulb, There is a Flower would be a hymn that was played at my Mom’s memorial service just weeks later. I asked Rev. Lee to preside over that service because I felt her love, warmth and spirit of compassion for both of us. Lee met with me twice to help create the kind of service I had in mind for my Mom, and I felt an inner joy with the outcome, knowing that the feeling of the service would be just right … and it was. 

These milestones in life are some of the most important ones we’ll ever face. I thank God for Rev. Lee, knowing that our paths crossed when I most needed it and for continuing to be a blessed presence in my life.

Deborah Burke Henderson, Ashland, MA

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