What is a tribute? A tribute is a clear indication of the abilities and accomplishments of an individual. Saying or doing anything in honor of, or to show regard and respect for a person, you pay tributes.

How do you want your loved one to be remembered? What is most important for you to share with others during this ceremony? End-of-Life Celebrations often highlight those very things you will miss the most in a lasting tribute to the many ways he or she touched your life.

3 Ways to Create a Tribute to Treasure for Years to Come
  1. Celebrate Memories

    I always encourage families to reminisce. The stories I hear – some filled with laughter, others with tears – are woven into the service I create. You may want to share your own memories during the service or invite others to share.  Often the person who best knows the honoree hears ways their loved one has touched other lives that they never imagined.  You could also bring a treasured box, jar, or bowl and colorful index cards to the service or any gathering you have.  As visitors arrive, invite them to write a note about your loved one.  It can be a simple word that comes to mind when they think of the person. A quote, or even a short story.  Hold on to these memories for days when you feel alone, for when young children grow up and you want to tell them about this special person.

  2. Celebrate Color

    I remember my mother saying “Don’t you DARE wear black to my funeral!” Although the traditional funeral color scheme was black all those years ago, your loved one has experienced a unique and vibrant life. Why not bring some color into their service?  The right colors can echo a precious memory or simply evoke his or her personality.

  3. Celebrate the Full Circle of Life

    In addition to asking guests to donate to a charity of choice or asking your local florist to suggest a living plant instead of flowers. You could place a small packet of seeds on the chairs for guests to take. These could speak to your loved one’s life, be it a favorite flower, tree, or season.  Your guests will leave with a reminder that from death comes life. Through planting their seeds, they bring new life to the memory of the one whose life is celebrated.

What are some of the elements of your funeral or memorial planning? We look forward to your comments below.

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