It’s All Right to Cry…

“It might even make you feel better!” Marlo Thomas sang these words to me when I was just 8 years old, and they still speak to me today. Winter holidays can be the hardest to get through. Remember that it is not a sign of weakness to shed tears, especially at this time of year. 


It is Monday as I write this – 5 days before Christmas, 2021. And I’m feeling heavy and worn down. My mom died almost 30 years ago. She was the dynamism behind what, for me, were the best Christmases of my life! Mum did her shopping and wrapping so early that she was as excited as we were to see what presents were under the tree. She put so much care and thought into every gift she purchased and couldn’t wait to see our reactions as we unwrapped treasures we didn’t even know we wanted! 


I miss her terribly when I remember the good times, the laughter, the moments I saw her joy and love. I wish I could hear her laugh again. I wish I could have just one more stocking hung by the fire that she would pack full of goodies.   


As I often say when I officiate a funeral service, we humans have an amazing gift – the gift of memories. I treasure these memories of my mom.


My wish for you is that in the midst of the sadness you feel this season, you also find moments of peace, times when you can smile as you remember your favorite memories. Remember, It’s all right to cry.


You can listen to this song here:

If you would like to read more about grief and the holidays, click here for “Seasons of Grieving: A Guide to Grief at the Holidays”



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