Meet Lee and Shadow!

Lee Atherton is a certified end-of-life, grief support, and resilience coach with over 15 years of experience. She is honored to help people live their dying by discovering the beauty in the process and the gifts to be found. It is her calling and privilege to journey with people through the white-waters of grief, navigating the chaos, until they reach the tranquil pool of stillness. “CoachRev,” as many know her is also a compassionate officiant whose goal is for those in attendance to feel like they have just participated in a powerful and meaningful experience led by someone who knew the honoree well.

Recognizing the demands of anyone in the helping or caring professions, Lee offers programs in resiliency for chaplains, hospice teams, funeral directors, and first responders. 

After receiving specialized training, Lee serves public safety officials as a local fire chaplain and a Critical Incident Stress Management team member. 

Shadow The Crisis Response Dog
Shadow, an English Black Lab is not only Lee’s best buddy, he is also a big part of the CoachRev team. Initially trained and certified as a service dog for Lee, Shadow has since been certified with National Crisis Response Canines. His presence, intuition, and interaction with people who are or have experienced crisis is often a very welcomed, calming and peaceful presence.

My Philosophy
“In all I do, I am driven by faith perceived as Love, Justice, and Compassion. Although my work began with and is rooted in the Christian Heritage, I welcome all. As the UCC motto states, ‘No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!’ It is my strong belief that all people are created equally, and as such have a fundamental right to all I offer.

Whether you are religious, secular, interfaith, or simply unaffiliated with a particular religion, you are welcome here! CoachRev @the CrossRoads is LGBTQ Friendly.

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