Death, Dogs, and Teddy Bear Love - an interview with Kim Serafine, Founder, Positive Prime

Postive Prime and Dog

How do you feel about people passing on to the next?

Have you faced your own mortality?

I was reminiscing on a beautiful conversation I had with Reverend Lee Atherton the other morning. Lee works as an end-of-life coach and hospice chaplain, and we discussed many of the topics most people avoid.

And if you feel a little apprehensive about the topic, or if you’ve lost someone dear to you recently, I welcome you to listen in with an open heart and hear how Lee, who, at first thought she could never do hospice work, now finds great strength and purpose in it. In fact, it’s what Lee calls her “true calling.”

You will also get to hear about the good vibes her support dog Shadow brings and how hospice work prepared her for the most beautiful way to support and say goodbye to her own father.

We talk about the “Teddy Bear Love” her father still brings Lee from beyond and also her thoughts on how and where we can place our loved ones who have passed into our own Positive Prime Sessions.

Watch the interview and Lee’s Positive Prime session here.

This is a magical conversation and one that will stay with me for a long long time.

In love and grace,

Kim Serafini
Chief Gratitude Officer &
Founder of Positive Prime
[email protected]
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