My daughter’s getting married in June 2019.  She’s got lots of time to plan, so when she heard that a nearby bridal shop was having huge going out of business sale, she asked me to go check it out with her.  We both figured it couldn’t hurt to start daydreaming.  So off we went spur of the moment.

It wasn’t like I imagined it would be, with the dress lady all doting over the bride to be, while mom sat in a luxurious chair sipping wine and eating chocolate covered strawberries.  I guess the TV shows aren’t really reality.  It was a small shop, and I did have a comfy spot to sit in just opposite the fitting room where Katie swoosh the curtain wide while I kept my eyes closed until just the right moment.

My heart was beating so fast!  Memories of my little girl growing up all too quickly sped through my mind as I wondered what it would be like to see her gowned in beauty!  I could hear my daughters whispering.  I guess they were talking about “Mom’s gonna cry!”.  I hope I didn’t disappoint them, but I was determined not to let tears get in the way.  And there she was!  Beautiful!

I’ve heard from friends that knew it was the right dress without any doubt, so when I fell in love with that first one Charlotte tried on, I wondered.  I love it, but where’s this “no doubt” feeling I’m supposed to feel?  After trying on a handful of others, Charlotte told me to go have a look.  I chose a few that she had quickly passed by.

And then Katie swooshed the curtain aside, and I saw my girl’s face in all it’s beauty and joy!  That smile spoke more than any words ever could.  My heart skipped a beat when Charlotte said in a shaky voice, “I think I found it.”

What a moment!  Just like childbirth itself, I don’t think there are any words at all to describe the moment you see your baby girl so grown up and beautiful.  You can only know it when you experience it.  And now Katie and Charlotte, my tears are flowing.  Sunday afternoon in a little ole shop in the center of Northboro – when my girl said “Yes!’ to the dress!



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