Honoring Your Loved One

Funerals – Memorials – Life Celebrations

When someone you love dies, there are so many details that require your attention.  Who should I call? When should we have the service? Should we have music? What will we do after the service? Who will Lead the service? And much more. As part of my gold-standard of excellence, I will help you answer these questions, and together we will create a meaningful and personal service.

“We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand on one whom we love.”

Whether you would like a traditional ceremony based on your faith tradition, or you want a service fully customized to honor the unique person you are commemorating, a conversation with CoachRev will help you plan just the right service for you. I will capture the unique stories of a person’s life with the goal that you and your guests feel I’ve known the honored person for years; and that we end with you feeling like you’ve just participated in a powerful and meaningful experience.

Funeral Director Phil Short says of CoachRev, “In each case, Lee has taken the time to get to know them and their loved ones. Because of this, no two services of hers are exactly the same. Each service is personalized to fit exactly what each family wants.”

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