Be Drawn In: Living the Creative Life With God

I'm Ready to Be Drawn In

Join Rev. Lee Atherton and her “business partner” Shadow (meet him here) as we open our hearts to the creative spirit, explore what makes each of us come alive, and discover ways to bring creativity to our spiritual life. Whether through song, poetry, dance, meditation, drawing, or another creative expression, there is a unique way for each of us that God ignites our soul and draws us in to a more profound experience of relationship. When you hear the word “creativity,” what image pops into your mind’s eye? Perhaps you picture an artist working on a colorful painting, a dancer evoking powerful emotions through movement, or a musician improvising a beautiful song. We can approach any activity in our lives with a sense of creativity and play: cooking, cleaning, gardening, organizing our space, raising children, what we do for work or school.  The possibilities are endless, and you can probably add a few of your own hobbies and live activities to this list. Each one of us is a unique work of art, hand-crafted by God to share our own perspectives, dreams, and gifts with the world. This retreat is designed to celebrate our creativity and inspire participants to get curious about their own creative potential. During our time together, we’ll play and pray, connect and affirm, read and reflect, and nurture our body, mind, and spirit.

What Others Have Said

I was invited to join a women’s retreat in March of 2019 led by Lee Atherton. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and had no real expectations but I gladly and openly said yes. I am so glad I did as it was a very fulfilling experience.  I did feel this might be a great tie of centering and focusing for me after losing my daughter in May of 2017, and it was. I am so incredibly glad I went. Lee led a wonderful retreat with a time of reflection (including forgiveness), group chats, deep conversations, music, prayer, and communion, and all with warm, loving compassion for what she was doing. Although I did not know it when Lee asked me to join her, the retreat was just what I needed. Le asked if I would join her for future retreats and I said “absolutely!” She is an amazing spiritual leader.   ~Vicki C

One of the best retreats I’ve been to! Lee was wonderful – very professional, personal, spiritually sensitive, and knowledgeable. A great teacher/facilitator/healer!      ~CCoL Lenten Retreat

Rev. Lee was a gift of loving kindness and support that knew no bounds. She took time to get to know each of us with warmth and a spirit of compassion. She has such good energy, and she is lovely to learn from. I thank God for Rev. Lee, knowing that our paths crossed when I most needed it and for continuing to be a blessed presence in my life.      ~Deb 

Coachrev - LEE

Coach Reverend Lee Atherton, known by many as “CoachRev,” has a mission to positively influence the lives of at least 100,000 people over the next ten years. Her passions are to help people 

“live their dying” by discovering the beauty in the process of transitioning to the spirit side of life and the gifts to be found; 

journey through the white waters of grief and navigate the chaos until they reach the tranquil pool of stillness and peaceand 

by providing the essential tools to serve professionals who encounter trauma and death in the workplace and to keep them showing up with the same passion and drive that brought them to their work in the first place and renew and re-energize their spirits, even when the stuff hits the fan!

Lee is also a retreat leader, first responder chaplain, author, and international speaker.

What truly sets CoachRev apart? It is the value placed on supporting each client’s unique needs, values, and wishes no matter who the client may be or where they are in their journey. We have a genuine desire to know and serve you to the highest possible standard and will do so with professionalism, compassion, and empathy. We are non-judgmental and inclusive, offering a safe presence for all. 

Whether you are religious, secular, interfaith, or simply unaffiliated, you are welcome here! CoachRev @the CrossRoads is LGBTQ Friendly.

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