One of the most difficult messages to hear from your medical practitioner is “This is a terminal illness. You only have a limited time to live.” How do you want to live the time you have left? Do you have a bucket list? Who do you want to visit with again? What relationships need mending? Where do you want to live? How do you want to be cared for? What do you want your family to know? How will you tell them? Do you want to die at home or in a hospice house or hospital? When the end draws near how do you want your pain managed?

These are only some of the questions many people find themselves suddenly asking. Often there isn’t an easy place to turn for help finding your answers. You may wish to consider an End-of-Life Coach.

Your coach will help you live your ending as fully and meaningfully as possible. He or she provides a safe place for you to

  • explore possibilities and begin to answer the “tough questions”

  • help you talk to your family and friends about your needs and wishes

  • tell your story

  • learn about normal grieving – even when it feels like that roller-coaster

  • cry, laugh, be angry

  • express your doubts and fears

  • freely share with no judgment or self-censorship

The role of an End of a Life coach is one of honor and privilege. If you have questions or would like to talk to Lee, click here.



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