Three things I do when life feels out of control

I joined a mastermind recently. It’s amazing! The information, support, experience, community are the best by far. I love it!

And I hate it! There is so much involved that there are days I feel totally lost on what I should do next. My desk looks like a meteor hit it and Shadow thinks I’ve forgotten about him. “Come on Mom – dinner was 3 hours ago!”


Now what do I do?!


First, I remind myself of my favorite quote by the great philosopher, Frederick Nietzsche: “It is only when there is chaos within that you can give birth to a shining star.” If my world is utter chaos right now, what are the possibilities if I stand in a perspective of birth and growth? Of light and flash?


Second, I take some time to BREATHE. A few deep breaths ground me. I feel centered, strong, and rooted in my truth. From there I can ask myself “What gives me the most joy and fulfillment?” “What serves my mission and passion to serve others?” That focus allows me to prioritize and organize. I remind myself that if I am going to excel at what really matters, I have to let go of the smaller things.


Third, I check it out with my coach who not only knows me well, but knows how to ask questions that help me find the answers to the really deep issues and important things in my life.


So what will you do next time life seems overwhelming and out of control?!


Remember – “you need to have chaos within to give birth to a shining star!”

Feel free to reach out if I can be a support for you or your family.

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