From Chaos to Control

Take Back Control of Your Life After A Time of Chaos

  1. Slow down. Sometimes the desire for closure is so strong that you might jump to hasty conclusions about your experience and yourself. Give yourself time to sort through your memories and discover their meaning.
  2. Practice self-care. Protecting your physical and mental wellbeing will help you to make sound decisions and gain the clarity you need to move forward. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Spend time each day hanging out with family and friends and doing activities you love.
  3. Start a journal. Recording your daily thoughts and activities can help you deal with stress too. You’ll be able to spot recurring patterns and see where you’re making progress. To stay on track, try writing at the same time each day, like first thing in the morning or before bed.
  4. Be flexible. Life is full of sudden changes. Learning to adapt increases your chances for success. Set new goals and let go of regrets. Cultivate your curiosity.
  5. Consider counseling. Talking with a therapist could help if you’ve tried to recover from your breakup, but you’re still struggling. A caring professional can help you see your options more objectively and support you while you navigate through a difficult time.

Remember that you are worthy of love and respect. It may take time and effort to heal from a loss or other life crisis, but it is possible. You matter! You Count!

Chaos to Control
Article Name
Chaos to Control
It is possible to recover from a time of chaos. Here's how



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